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To order an article from our catalogue,
please comply with the following procedure:

Browse through our online catalogue.

On the description card for the desired item, click on the button “Acheter [Buy]”.
You will then be redirected to the order form.

Verify that the item mentioned at the top of the order form is the one you have selected and fill in the empty fields of this order form.

Before confirming your order form, read our Terms of Sale (French version), as well as the cost grid which we apply for packaging and shipping costs.

Click on the button “Envoyer [Submit]” to confirm your order form.
In so doing, you affirm that you are legally old enough to contract, you confirm your purchase in its entirety at the listed prices, and you explicitly accept our Terms of Sale, our privacy policy regarding personal data and our shipping cost grid.

A copy of your order form will automatically be forwarded to the email address specified in your order form.

This first email contains a summary of the information provided in your order form, including reference to the book you wish to acquire, and serves only as proof of dispatch of your order form to “Le Magasin de Lectures”.

Soon after, once we have processed your order form, we will send you a second email. This second email serves as sole conclusive confirmation of our receipt of your order. Unless the ordered item were fortuitously no longer available for sale, this second email also constitutes a sales contract between you and “Le Magasin de Lectures”, subject to our Terms of Sale.

As a reminder and in accordance with Article 1582 of the Belgian Civil Code, a sales contract constitutes an agreement whereby a seller undertakes to deliver a thing and a buyer commits to pay for it.

Therefore, our second email also includes an “invitation to pay”. Payment in full of the amount specified on that “invitation to pay” represents your obligation as buyer and is required for the ordered article to be shipped. Our obligation to deliver will only be executed after payment in full of the total purchase price (= selling price + packaging and shipping costs) specified on the “invitation to pay”.

On receipt of our “invitation to pay”, as mentioned above in paragraph 7, you will be able to complete your purchase.

In order to do so, you have to make your payment in full as follows:

  • by bank transfer, denominated in euros (EUR | ),
  • on the bank account of: “Le Magasin de Lectures” | DUBOIS Christophe | Rue Bois Laiterie, 72 | 5170 Profondeville | Belgium:
    (Belfius Banque) IBAN: BE08‑0688‑9564‑8113 — BIC: GKCCBEBB,
  • specifying the SHA rule (Shared Costs) as allocation rule for the bank transaction costs,
  • mentioning as communication the reference specified on the “invitation to pay”,
  • within a period of 10 calendar days starting from the day after the day of dispatch of our email containing our “invitation to pay”.

See details on our “Terms of Payment” page.

Right of withdrawal:

Insofar as distance contracts are concerned and in compliance with Article 46, §1st of the Belgian 6 April 2010 Act on market practices and consumer protection, you have the right to notify us that you wish to cancel your purchase, without penalties and without justification, within a period of 14 calendar days starting from the day following delivery of the ordered article.

In such a case:

  • at first, you must notify us of your cancellation by electronic mail (;
  • afterwards, you must send us back the ordered item, in the exact same condition as received;
  • furthermore, the returned item should be carefully packaged in a sturdy and waterproof box.

On receipt of the return package in the said conditions, we will refund you by bank transfer for the full invoiced price, but not for return shipping costs which remain at your charge.

See details under Article 9, §§1-5 of our Terms of Sale.

10 No earlier than one day after the recording of your payment on our bank account and in any case — but, of course, subject to your prior payment in full of the total purchase price —, no later than 30 days after the dispatch of your online order form, we will ship your order.

An original invoice in proper form will be produced at this time in two copies, one of which will be attached to the parcel together with a copy of our Terms of Sale. This invoice details the components of the full amount previously mentioned on our “invitation to pay” and prepaid by you before shipping (including selling price of the ordered item, packaging and shipping costs as well as any applicable VAT).

At the same time, a third and last email will be sent to you to confirm receipt of your payment and to inform you of the date of the shipping of your parcel together with its postal tracking number if applicable.

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