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The access to the website of “Le Magasin de Lectures” doesn’t require prior user iden­ti­fication.

At the present time, the website of “Le Magasin de Lectures” does not use the computer technology of cookies. However, should future improvements to its website require cookies, “Le Magasin de Lectures” reserves the right to introduce them. On the other hand, “session variables”, such as $_SESSION, are used in the PHP programming of the website of “Le Magasin de Lectures”, in order to transfer the user’s search criteria from one page of the online catalogues to another. These “session variables” are stored only for the duration of a visit to the online catalogues.

The client is asked to leave his name, address and phone number only when using the order form or the contact form.

Personal data provided by the client to the seller are collected, processed and stored for the following exclusive purposes:

  1. to reply to a message sent by the client;
  2. to deal with a client’s request;
  3. to fulfil the client’s order and to invoice him for purchases from the seller’s online catalogues;
  4. to send to the client a “newsletter” or advertising and promotional messages related to commercial offers and activities of the seller;
  5. to perform any other tasks that fall under the standard clientele management of a commercial company.

Filling non-mandatory fields on the order and contact forms is left at the discretion of the client. Omission of optional personal data cannot be prejudicial to the client.

The seller is the sole person in charge of processing personal data which he collects from its customers and its suppliers.

The seller will never register in his clientele files names provided by third parties.

The seller is fully committed to non-disclosure of his clientele personal data to third parties, except as required for observance of legal or regulatory provisions or for the normal course of his business operations — for example, in the event of a legal action to resolve a commercial dispute.

The seller commits to deny anyone else the right to use its clientele files.

10 At any time and without justification, the client may, free of charge and by means of a simple notification to the seller by email (at the address:, object to being sent, by email and/or by post, by the seller “newsletters” and/or advertising and promotional messages related to his commercial offers or activities. The latter has a period of 30 days from the date of dispatch of the client’s email to confirm that his request has been acted upon.

11 The seller archives his clientele data in computer and/or paper files, which are available for consultation solely at the headquarters of his company. For each one of his customers, personal data are stored only as long as necessary for the purposes exclusively listed in paragraph 4 above, unless the said client introduces a formal and express objection in the manner specified in paragraph 12 below.

12 In accordance with the Belgian 8 December 1992 Act on the protection of private life with respect to the processing of personal data, the client, who proves his identity (for example, by forwarding to the seller a copy of his identity card to be immediately deleted by the latter) has, free of any expenses:

  1. the right to access his own personal data as collected by the seller, including the right to obtain a copy of these in an intelligible form as well as any information about their origin. In such a case, the seller has a period of 45 days to grant the request, starting from the date of its receipt. However, the law grants this right to the client only after the expiration of a reasonable period counted from the date of any similar request previously submitted by the client;
  2. the right to rectify any inaccurate personal data stored by the seller about him. In such a case, the seller has a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the client’s request to confirm to the latter that the requested corrections have been implemented;
  3. the right to object to the use of his personal data for the purposes exclusively listed in paragraph 4 above, on the basis of serious and legitimate reasons justified by a particular situation, except when such uses are necessary for the conclusion or completion of a contract or for compliance with legal obligations. In such a case, the seller has a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the client’s reasoned objection to confirm to the latter that his own personal data are no longer used for such purposes;
  4. the right to have the stored data related to him deleted from the seller’s files, insofar as they would be incomplete or irrelevant for the purposes exhaustively listed in paragraph 4 above, or because collecting and storing them would be prohibited, or even because he would find undesirable that his own personal data be continuously stored beyond the time necessary for the completion of the purposes exhaustively listed in paragraph 4 above. In such a case, the seller has a period of 30 days to confirm to the client that the personal data related to him have been deleted from his files.

The client exercises his rights as listed above in (a), (b), (c) and (d), by sending by mail a written, dated and signed request, as well as a proof of identity, to the headquarters of the seller’s company.

13 Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 12 above and for good accounting and fiscal management of his business, the seller archives, on computer and/or in paper files at his company's headquarters, all electronic purchase orders, electronic and paper invoices, bank statements and purchase notes that retrace the chronological account of his business with his clientele and his suppliers. All such vouchers will be stored for up to 5 years after the cessation of his business.

Moreover, these vouchers have probative value in trade relations between the seller and his clientele or his suppliers and those in electronic format (including emails) have the same force of proof as paper documents signed by hand.

14 As it is the case for any Internet browsing, the server (currently located at Belgacom S.A.) used by the seller to host his website can automatically collect data relative to “surfing” on the latter. Such data include information about the IP addresses that are connected to the seller’s website, the dates and times of these connections, the types of browsers and operating systems used for these connections, the pages visited on the seller’s website as well as the keywords used in search engines to find the seller’s website. If the seller were to gain access to these data, he would only consult them for statistical purposes or for improving the different sections of his website.

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