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Photo de Christophe-Marie Dubois

Born in 1977
Postgraduate Diploma in Political and Social Science Studies (UCL)
Master of Political Science and International Relations Studies (UCL)
Bachelor of Laws (FUNDP)

After working as an assistant professor and researcher at the “Université catholique de Louvain” (UCL — Belgium) and occupying the post of attaché to a ministerial office, it's now time for me to share my love of beautiful texts and books with as many people as possible.

« N'espérez pas vous débarrasser des livres ! » [“Do not hope to get rid of books!” (our translation)] Convinced of this heartening warning which is the title of the book published by Eco and Carrière in 2009 (Éditions Grasset), it is clear to me that book loving is a passion that feeds the intellect as well as the senses, stimulates curiosity as much as imagination, develops the thirst for knowledge as far as the taste for beautiful things, entertains and educates alike, and, lastly, can inspire opinions as well as emotions.

Like many others, I love books and, today, as I start writing the first page of my new career, my hope is to be able to entice many more people to love books.

In this project, some benevolent souls are already supporting me: my colleague Pierre Brillard (Tarascon – France), Mrs Lecomte, father Ignace o.s.b., father Claude o.p., Adel, Jean-François, Caroline, Patrick, Michèle and Olivier. I thank them sincerely.

| Christophe-Marie Dubois | December 2013

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